'Stop the Hate' rallies held in Uptown Charlotte

Updated: Apr 2

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Asian Americans will not stay silent anymore! On March 27, 2021, a rally to #StopAsianHate was held at Marshall Park in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

On March 16, 2021, a series of horrific mass shootings occurred at three Asian business owned businesses in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. Eight people lost their lives, six of whom were Asian American females.

Behind these horrific shootings lie the hidden hatred and discrimination towards Asian Americans. Since then, more and more people have chosen to speak up, to stand with #StopAsianHate, and to seek equality and security for Asian Americans.

这个恶性事件暴露了美国社会中潜藏的仇恨亚裔和亚裔歧视问题。过去的两周时间,越来越多的人选择不再沉默,人们用行动抗议种族仇恨,反对亚裔仇恨”Stop Asian Hate”,呼吁真正的自由和平等。

On March 27, a rally to stop Asian hate, organized by National Asian Women Advocacy Group (NAWAG), was held at Marshall Park in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. More than forty volunteers gathered together and put out signs with “STOP ASIAN HATE,” “Disarm Hate,” and “We are all in this together,” in public areas across the downtown area, such as parks and entrances to government buildings. More signs were also put up throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area.

3月27日星期六上午,由夏洛特亚洲妇女联合会组织发起,南北卡华人服务中心和南北卡华人联合商会支持的“停止亚裔仇恨”文明插放标语活动在北卡夏洛特市中心的Marshalls Park展开。几十名志愿者将写好“反对亚裔歧视”“我们都在一起”“反对种族暴力,我们都是一体”等标语的告示牌插放在公园,商场入口,政府道路等公共区域,(标语展示牌插放区域有:夏洛特市中心,夏洛特中城区,夏洛特北部,以及Ballyantyne, Huntersville, Matthews等周边城市)号召大家一起反对亚裔仇恨。

图1:Signs made by NAWAG. Rayna (a member of NAWAG) contributed design the thought provoking signs. 亚洲妇女联合会制作的标语,成员Rayna手绘涂鸦标语

图2:Volunteers putting the signs together at the park. 志愿者在公园拼接标语牌

图3:A photo of volunteers 所有志愿者的集合合影

Many volunteers were local Asian Americans. Hundreds of signs were put out by these lovely volunteers. Some were still in college, some were with young kids, and some were grandparents. Volunteers used their actions to show that racism and hatred will not be tolerated. We demand respect, safety, and equality in our own country. We belong!


图4:Loving family with their hand-drawn t-shirts. 幸福的一家人,自己设计绘画反对歧视标语T恤

图5:Volunteers carrying signs to place around town. 志愿者们搬运标语牌分组插放

WCNC, a local TV station, came to report on the rally.


图6:Volunteers interviewed by WCNC. 志愿者接受新闻采访